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Although I love flying and aeronautics, I have had some fairly unique airplane experiences over the last ten years or so.

There was the time a passenger went into medical duress and the plane had to make an emergency landing. On another flight, a random man nearly fell asleep on my shoulder. Not to mention the time when a fly became trapped in the cabin and a flight attendant offered a prize to whoever could kill it.

The Fittest US President

George W. Bush is famous for his jogging and cycling regime. Gerald Ford played golf to help stay fit. Herbert Hoover even had a sport named after him.

Although my religion is not Catholic, I think every voter in America needs to see this video.

The music gave me goosebumps, but the message is even more powerful. Forget telling people how to vote . . . it is time for Americans to vote according to their consciences, instead of along party lines.

Neiman Marcus

If you ever doubted that our society has drifted from the true meaning of Christmas, you need look no further than Neiman Marcus’ annual Christmas Gift Book.


After seven days with no power, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many new things I learned during Hurricane Ike. While I don’t want to go through it again anytime soon, it was quite an amazing opportunity.

With Hurricane Gustav rapidly strengthening out in the Gulf of Mexico, it is easy to get our focus off God. Memories of three years ago start filling our minds, along with the devastating images and stories of post-Katrina along the Gulf Coast.

I was reading this morning Psalm 29 and I realized that it can be aptly termed the “Hurricane” Psalm. No matter what comes during the upcoming week, don’t forget Who is ultimately in control.