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The Pastor's Wife

It can be said that behind a strong man of God is many times an equally strong woman of God.

Sometimes, it might be his mother or grandmother, but often it is his wife.

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to help bring a group of young people to spend a week at Voice of the Martyrs’ USA headquarters. You never know what amazing things God is going to do on one of these trips—-and this time was no different.


This morning as I was dropping my sister off at work, I passed two side-by-side real estate companies. Both of the businesses were displaying electronic scrolling signs, but with contrasting messages.


Even in the midst of the economic crisis, may we always remember the source of our strength and provision.

History will be much kinder to former President George W. Bush than public sentiment has been for the last four years. Generally, it often is for a president.

American Flag

As the American public heads to the polls today to vote for the next President of the United States, it is wholeheartedly reassuring to know God has already selected His perfect candidate.