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Thinking about going see The Hunger Games? Read this first.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to enjoy a relaxing evening at the Symphony. Although I love many things about seeing an orchestra play live, there is one particular part that is my favorite. Only moments before a concert begins and after the rest of the orchestra is seated, the first violinist […]

Movie Review: Dolphin Tale

Last month, I had a chance to fly across the country for a spur-of-the-moment trip with a friend. We took care of some work and enjoyed a few days of relaxing down time and rest. Our hotel had an IMAX theater and we took advantage of a chance to see a movie that I’d heard about, but hadn’t had a chance to see yet, Dolphin Tale.

Romola Garai - Emma

Sandy Welch, one of Britain’s best period drama screenwriters, has written a fresh new version of the charming Austen story. Instead of recrafting decades old impressions of Emma, she started from scratch and wrote a light-hearted script about an average, albeit wealthy twenty-one year-old woman learning about life and love.

BBC Drama announced today that it will revisit Jane Austen’s classic comedy tale this autumn in a four-hour miniseries. The period drama will be scripted by Sandy Welch, the talented screenwriter who also adapted North and South for the British network.

Family Movie Night

Movie nights are wonderful for families, but not if you are unprepared for the content in your film of choice.