It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning outside. Contrary to whatever the hand-wringers might have warned, the sun has come out today after a tumultuous election night. But more importantly, the Son never left His throne.

Last night ended an epic eighteen months of politicking and two billion dollars worth of campaign spending. What do we have to show for it now that it’s all over? The same President, the same party in control of the Senate, and the same party in control of the House.

And the same God in control of them all.
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For the last several weeks, we’ve been working on a building project for one of our clients. It’s been a fascinating experience as we’ve spent time meeting with architects & contractors and poring over floor plans.

One of the reasons why this company is creating a new space is that they want to continue to build their brand – and they want everything in this office to reflect the legacy they are building.

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If you have a heart for missions, a passion for leading others to Christ, or just a desire to put your Christianity to practice in your everyday life, this book is for you.

The name intrigued me, but after reading only a few lines, I discovered that the captivating message was even more addictive than chocolate.

Ever since stumbling across some really solid C.T. Studd quotes, I have been wanting to read more of his works. A quick search on Amazon revealed that one of his books was even available for free.

The Chocolate Soldier Heroism-The Lost Chord of Christianity is a wonderful read. It’s short (just 19 pages), but Studd packs quite the spiritual bunch in those less than 2 dozen pages.

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You’re never too young or too old to impact the lives of those around you. I remember when I was in my early teens how much I looked up to the twenty and thirty year old gals at church. And then suddenly, I woke up one day and realized, “Oh my, I’m now one of them!”

Time certainly flew past and now that I’m older and the roles have flipped a bit, I’m realizing that God has given each of us a unique sphere of influence . . . and we have a God-given responsibility to influence for good those who God has placed in our paths.

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Fall’s in the air . . . and with it, the aroma of pumpkin pie! Every gluten free chef should have a basic pumpkin pie recipe in her cooking arsenal, ready to be pulled out at a moment’s notice this time of year.

If you’re not up to experimenting in the kitchen, check out this handy guide of a dozen recipes that are sure to delight your tastebuds and wow your family and friends. Best of all, some of them are also dairy free and vegan!

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When a ship encounters a storm, it doesn’t turn around and head for home. It stays the course.

When a plane hits turbulence, it doesn’t descend and make for the nearest airport.

It rises above the clouds into the still air above.

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