Fried chicken has to have the perfect blend of juicy meat and crispy, crunchy crust. And it’s that crispy crunchy crust that has stumped many a gluten-free chef.

But before giving up on fried chicken, take a look at this collection of gluten-free fried chicken recipes!

A southern staple is fried chicken, but for gluten-free Southerners, finding the perfect recipe isn’t easy.

Recipe Links:
1 – Feel Good Foods, 2 – Serious Eats, 3 – Udi’s, 4 – Cabot Cheese, 5 – Coconut Recipes, 6 – Gluten Freely, 7 – Happy Tummy, 8 – Simply Gluten Free, 9 – Cozy Home Scenes, 10 – The Domestic Man

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