Ever get the craving for a piece of cake, but don’t want to take an hour to bake one? Plus, if you’re like me, a gluten free cake lasts entirely too long with only one GF person in the house.

Enter Cake-In-A-Cup.

Gluten Free Yellow Cake in a CupThis morning, I woke up early for church and thought about how nice it would be to have a piece of cake for breakfast. I was thinking more of a coffee cake, but didn’t have the time (or ingredients) to make a big 8×8 or so coffee cake from scratch. That’s when I remembered seeing my sister eating a mug full of chocolate cake that she’d whipped up in the microwave, so I set out to make an allergy free version.

Chocolate was a bit too rich for Sunday morning (I learned that lesson after fighting sleep in church after eating my brownies for breakfast recently), so I opted for a yellow cake.

This recipe takes less than ten minutes of prep and cooking time from start to finish and I was quite delighted by the taste and texture. It’s sweet, but not overly sweet, just a hint sweeter than a coffee cake. If you like your cake sweeter, try adding more sugar.