Image Credit: respres

This morning as I was dropping my sister off at work, I passed two side-by-side real estate companies. Both of the businesses were displaying electronic scrolling signs, but with contrasting messages.

One of them was trying to encourage their prospective customers to aim for the moon. Success, according to the scrolling marquee, is achievable by anyone if one only dreams big enough.

Directly next door another sign was displaying, but with a completely different message.

This marquee, instead of showcasing self-help motivational one-liners, encouraged the passerby that even in the midst of these difficult economic times, God’s faithfulness will see us through if we trust only Him, not ourselves.

It’s not often that I find myself agreeing with a roadside sign. But with less than 100 characters, that message perfectly sums up the real stimulus package our economy needs—-a solid dose of trust in God.