Have you ever seen a beggar sitting on the side of the road with his cup stretched out? He desperately reaches out to everyone and everything around him, in hopes of getting his cup filled.

How many times in life have we been like that beggar, frantically peddling for the measly pennies of fulfillment around us? But as you and I have tried to fill up the empty cup in our soul, we’ve lost sight of our Father who is ready AND willing to fill the aching void in our hearts.

“There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus.” -Blaise Pascal

Praise the Lord for an all-fulfilling Savior.

Fill my cup, Lord.
I’m here and empty.

Fill my cup, Lord.
Please make me whole.

Image credit: photo credit: Stephan Geyer

I love spring. There’s just something special about the months of March & April.

My favorite flowers bloom during these months. I just love, love, LOVE seeing tulips everywhere. Doesn’t matter to me the color — I just enjoy seeing those beautiful pink, yellow, red, or purple blooms everywhere.

But you know what — it’s not just the tulip’s time to bloom. It’s also our time to bloom.
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Wow, I can hardly believe that 2013 is already 1/6th gone! And I really can’t believe that it has been nearly five months since my last post. Yikes. Life hasn’t been dull in the least over the past few months, so I thought I’d summarize briefly some of the lessons I’m learning in this phase of the training God has for my life.

I’ve learned. . .

That God delights in using our weaknesses.
It is only when we are at our weakest that He is able to use us wholly, purely for His purposes.
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We’re surrounded by them. Heavenly sponges, who when squeezed, drip Christ’s love onto all they encounter.

When life starts to squeeze you, what comes out? Are you dripping Jesus on all around you?

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Besetting sins . . .those dragons we keep thinking we have put behind us forever, only to see them rear their ugly heads again. And again. And again.

As long as you and I are alive and breathing, we are locked into an epic battle of day to day skirmishes. We know that Christ has won the final victory, but Satan refuses to admit when he is licked, so he tries to distract us with covert operations where we are most vulnerable.

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Unconditional love. Such a tough concept to understand . . . and one that is even more difficult to practice.

Film Synopsis (from Amazon)

Teenagers Steve, Carrie, Cooper, and Gameboy embark on a weekend camping trip led by their church youth group leader Stuart (Sean Astin) and his wife Beth (Erin Bethea). Joining them is teen outsider Ashley, who is materialstic and self-involved, and whose bad attitude separates her from the rest of the group.

When a confrontation occurs between Ashley and Carrie, the division widens. Hoping for a resolution Stuart takes the opportunity to share with the group the touching story of the Old Testament prophet Hosea and his example of true commitment and unconditional love. Is this powerful story enough to inspire the teens to open their hearts to such an amazing love?

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